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These are one of our signature products. The WunjoBox, also known as the “Box of Joy” was one of our original ideas that helped to launch The Magick Emporium.

You choose a budget, and we send you a box of Magickal Joyful things.

The £5 mini box will have 3 items from our £2 range, picked at random.

The £10 box – perfect for Secret Santa / Yule mischief will have three items from the £2 range, and 2 from the £3 range, with a little extra surprise.

The £20 box will have all the items above plus extras, guaranteed to be worth more than £20 if all sold separately.

As with everything else, free UK Postage is included.

These boxes are named after the Rune for Joy, and that is certainly what we hope to achieve with them.

Each one is made to order, so it definitely helps if you let us know who or what it is for, so we can try and personalise it for you. If it is a Secret Santa parcel then we can post it directly to your recipient at no extra cost, even if purchased as part of a bigger order. Just let us know!

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